Aged 16-21? Passionate about LBTQ Equality? Why not apply for Stonewall Young Campaigners Programme.

The Stonewall Young Campaigners Programme is a free five-month programme open to all UK-based 16-21 year olds, supported by Lloyds Banking Group.

The programme provides young people with the training and support needed for them to start campaigning in schools, colleges, universities and communities to tackle the discrimination and bullying of LGBT people.

What do the Young Campaigners do?

Young Campaigners work closely with Britain’s leading equality campaigners, whilst making new friends and joining a network with other young campaigners.

  • The programme begins with a residential training event where participants learn about LGBTQ history and develop their project management and campaign delivery skills
  • Young campaigners then spend the next five months researching, designing and delivering their campaigns in their schools, colleges, universities and wider communities
  • At the end of the five months, they reunite to celebrate the campaigners’ achievements at the Stonewall Youth Awards ceremony


For more information and to sign up, visit: